Springdale Center for Urban Agriculture is a 501(c)3  Non-Profit organization, formed for the purpose of promoting sustainable agriculture in urban areas, growing connections between people and local food systems, fostering community, and teaching the arts of sustainable living.


Our Mission:
Springdale Center seeks to help people, starting with school age children, become more connected with their food from seed to fork. Our philosophy is that most people, starting at an early age, are more likely to eat vegetables if they can see how they are grown and harvested. Springdale Center has a learning campus located on Springdale Farm wherein children and adults alike can learn how food is planted, propagated, and harvested in a hands-on environment. Our educational programs can be tailored for children of all ages. Springdale Center’s next step in its educational mission is to build a teaching pavilion with a commercial kitchen to extend our educational programming to include cooking classes as well as canning and preserving techniques.

Current Projects:
We were honored to be awarded a grant from the Austin Food and Wine Alliance in December 2014. We are currently working in conjunction with local chefs to grow heirloom and heritage varieties of vegetables and herbs not frequently grown in our region. We intend to share the outcome of our experimental plot with other area farmers in hopes of expanding the types of foods available to be grown locally. Stay tuned for pictures and information about our experimental culinary plot!

Contact info:
Paula Foore – Paula@SpringdaleCenter.org
Kathryn Hutchison – Kathryn@SpringdaleCenter.org
Carla Crownover – Carla@SpringdaleCenter.org


Address:  755 Springdale Road, Austin, Texas  78702